Greetings from the Grace Church Rector Search Committee. We are excited and honored that you have chosen to learn about our church.

As you read our Ministry Portfolio and Parish Profile and peruse our website, you will find that Grace Church roots go back to 1836 when a mission church was founded in Jefferson City. Today, we are a vibrant, diverse downtown church in the capital city with a desire to grow, both spiritually and in numbers, as we continue to serve God and our neighbors.

We are now seeking a new rector for Grace Church as our rector of nine years (who followed a rector of 35 years) answered a call to return to the East Coast. An interim rector is now serving at Grace. Transition is always a difficult time, but it also affords us an opportunity to see who we are and where we want to be, and allows us to grow spiritually, have a deeper understanding of others, and look for new opportunities to share the word and work of God.

As we move through this period of transition and discernment, we continue to pray for guidance from the Holy Spirit in extending a call for a new rector for our “downtown” parish.

To learn more about Grace Church, please read and study the Ministry Portfolio
 (paying particular attention to item #12 as it outlines attributes we are looking for in a new rector) and the Parish Profile.

Grace Church is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We invite all qualified Episcopal priests to apply for the position of rector.

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If you have any questions about applying or about our process, please contact the Rector Search Committee at

Thank you for seeking out Grace Church, Jefferson City.

Application Process

Finding God's work beyond the red doors: JesusHacked podcast 23

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The Search Committee

Bernard Collier and Sarah Schedler, co-chairpersons

Gary Harbison

Eric Hedges

Vicki Myers

Cheryl Nield

Sally Reid